1. Learn how Grigoriou products are made.

The basis of our products is the same fresh meat you choose for your meals, every day. The meat is thoroughly cleaned and all bones, nerves and excess fat are removed with special machines of the latest technology.

At all stages, strict hygiene rules are consistently applied, while the well-equipped quality control laboratory ensures that everything is done according to the high standards, required by our quality.


2. Always consult the product labeling before buying, to make sure they are suitable for your needs.

The most important information you will find is:

Dates: In all our products, apart from the Best Before date, the production date is also indicated, so that you know how fresh the product is.

Ingredients: All the ingredients contained in each product are listed on the label. Allergenic ingredients are written in bold letters.

Nutritional Information: Consult the table of each product for nutritional information per 100g or per serving.

Type of processing: Cooked / smoked / roasted / matured / quick-frozen.

Preparation: Cooking instructions for products that must be cooked before consumption.

Storage conditions: See at what temperatures the product should be stored.


3. Cold cuts are sensitive foods and their proper preservation at home is important.

Our products are produced under excellent hygiene conditions with continuous temperature control, up to their distribution at the points of sale. From the moment you buy a product, you should continue the cold chain, to ensure the freshness of the product until you consume it.

  • Use an isothermal bag to carry the cold cuts home, especially in the summer.
  • Schedule your shopping to buy your cold cuts from your last stop.
  • When opening a package, make sure to consume it as soon as possible.
  • Use special food containers to store your open packages.
  • Do not leave open packages exposed with other foods, such as cheese.


4. If you follow a diet plan for weight loss, it does not mean that you should stop enjoying your favourite meat products.

Not all meat products have the same percentage of fat or calories. By reading the nutrition charts correctly, you can easily see how many calories a portion of the product you have chosen has and adjust your diet accordingly. If you are looking for low-calorie cold cuts, you can choose turkey (boiled, smoked or roasted), lountza, or light ham, while you can choose our burgers for a main meal (1 burger 80g = 160 kcal).

Always consult the labels of the products you buy.


5. If you have gluten intolerance, there are Grigoriou products suitable for you.

Gluten is a protein found in cereal grains such as wheat, oats and barley. Gluten is only "bad" for certain people, who are sensitive or intolerant to it during digestion. Our cold cuts (except Meat free) do not contain gluten and are suitable for consumption by people with intolerance.

Gluten is present only in the frozen sausages and meat products we produce, such as burgers, pizzas, schnitzels, etc., as well as in the new Meat free line.

Always consult the labels of the products you buy. Gluten when contained in a product will be written in bold letters.


6. When you buy from the supermarket deli, insist on Grigoriou quality.

Buying cold cuts from the supermarket deli must be done with care and responsibility. Not all cold cuts are the same. It is good to choose based on your preference in taste and quality. It is very important that you choose the brand you trust. With Grigoriou cold cuts you are absolutely sure that you and your family always enjoy incomparable quality.


7. Tips for professionals

Grigoriou products are made with great care and with the aim of always being the best on the market. Your cooperation is valuable, so that they reach the consumer always fresh and delicious.

  • Cold cuts are sensitive to light, humidity and high temperatures. So pay attention to their storage conditions and consult the label of each product to see its shelf life.
  • Remove the first slice from all the cuts every day, because the taste changes and it gets smells from the surrounding products.
  • For greater protection, cover the cut products with a transparent film or, if possible, seal them in vacuum bags.
  • The cutting machine must always be clean. Cutting cold cuts and cheeses in the same machine must be avoided.
  • Make sure that the blade of your machine is always well sharpened, so that the slices are cut nicely.
  • Do not cut a meat product in half to give a better image to your refrigerator, because that way you have two contested pieces instead of one.
  • Do not cut slices before they are requested by the customer. It is better for the customer to wait a while and get his cold cuts fresh.
  • The good and clean image of your refrigerator, but also your own good appearance and mood play an important role in attracting customers.