• 976 the Grigoriou brothers founded the GRIGORIOU meat products company in the village of Potamitissa, where the family was previously engaged in the manufacture of meat products for 30 years.


  • 1978 the company's factory in Ypsonas starts to operate.


  • 1990 the factory is being renovated in order to comply with the European standards in force at the time.


  • 1992 HACCP system for food hygiene and safety is implemented for the first time


  • 1997 a joint venture agreement is signed with the largest meat company in Greece, P.G. NIKAS SA. NIKAS products are now produced in our facilities and distributed in the Cypriot market.


  • 2002 Grigoriou was the first of all the Cypriot companies to certify three management systems by the internationally recognized organizations KEP, ELOT and IQNET: ELOT 1416 (HACCP), ELOT EN ISO 9001 and ELOT EN ISO 14001


  • 2005 in May the factory is almost completely destroyed by a large fire, caused by accident. Nine months later, the restoration work of the building begins. Until the reopening of the factory in Ypsonas, Grigoriou products are made in "Snack" factory in Nicosia and "NIKAS" in Athens, thus maintaining their position in the Cypriot market.


  • 2006 The new state-of-the-art industrial unit, which covers a total of 8000sq.m. starts operating in November.


  • 2007 the company proceeds with the transition from the ELOT1416 standard (HACCP) for food hygiene and safety to the international standard ISO 22000. The next year we receive certification for another standard, the OHSAS 18001 for occupational health & safety.


  • 2008 the percentage of P.G. NIKAS is redeemed by the Grigoriou family.


  • 2009 Grigoriou meat products receive an award at the IN BUSINESS Awards in the Industry / Manufacturing category.


  • 2011 Grigoriou brings for the first time in Cyprus the revolutionary method HPP (High Pressure Processing), which guarantees the safety and freshness of packaged products, in a completely natural way.


  • 2013 The 5-minute comedy series "Grigoriou Delicatessen" premieres on Cypriot television with the popular actor Pavlos Haikalis in the leading role.


  • 2015 a new series of products specially designed for children, with favourite Disney heroes, is launched. Grigoriou kids have high nutritional value and low fat.


  • 2019 Keeping pace with modern dietary trends, the company creates two new specialized series: "Nistisima", which consists of meatfree products, and "All Natural", cold cuts made with the addition of only natural ingredients.