Quality Control


The fine meat you select every day to prepare your meals and enjoy cooked in a thousand ways, is the same that we meticulously choose in our factory.


Our products are produced under strict hygiene conditions. Quality controls are performed daily on all received raw materials that will be used in production and on the final products as well. The temperatures of refrigerators, distribution vehicles, ovens and air conditioning in all rooms are monitored and recorded by an advanced computer system.


The entrance to the production areas is controlled by an automatic hand and shoe disinfection machine. All production areas are cleaned and disinfected systematically, with suitable, environmentally friendly chemicals.


With the robust technological equipment and the constant effort of our people for the top quality products, Grigoriou has conquered the leading position in the consumers’ preference.





Grigoriou was probably the first Cypriot company to implement a HACCP system in 1992. In 2002, became the first to proceed to the certification of three management systems by the internationally recognized organizations KEP, ELOT and IQNET.


Today, we implement five certified systems:


  • ISO 9001 - quality
  • ISO 22000 (HACCP) - food safety
  • FSSC 22000 - food safety
  • ISO 14001 - environmental management
  • ISO 45001 - occupational health & safety


The faithful implementation of the above systems, in combination with the continuous quality control and the advanced program of modernization and automation of production and packaging, ensure the excellent quality of the meat products produced by the company.